Adaptive Hydro

Climate resilience requires change

Civilization and thereby cities, grids, and roads all developed in proximity to rivers.  the market has clearly shown that location and stability are its  drivers. Adaptive Hydro’s dam and hydro-kinetic  systems are the only stable clean technology that can be  highly collocated with suburban and ex-urban populations agricultural areas, and roads for 100% grid and natural gas free clean EV charging.



Multiple issues exist with water that Adaptive Hydro can help address.  From  powering low water agriculture to the ability of the system to de-sediment & produce power would enable recovery of the 20% sedimented pool capacity that is sorely needed as water resource volatility continues to rapidly increases.


Food requires water.  Managing that water and the processes by which it creates calories is integral to adapting to climate change, modern markets, and ever increasing global population stress. By 2040 the world will new agricultural areas the size of North America. The world’s food future is likely on the coasts, utilizing the marine resource and salt water species. inland low water crate based systems can provide higher yields per unit water used. Combinative systems could produce riverine species and vegetable based products, and all of it can be powered on site with the clean energy flowing water provides. Additionally, as Asian cities grow by another 50-75% the need for food transport will increase concurrently. Without  Hydro powered EV’s in the agriculture areas that will all require fossil fuels to get food to the burgeoning populations. 

As water resources exhibit increasing volatility, water & energy infrastructure and food production will need to adapt to the new normal.


Clean close stable energy is essential to that.

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