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Adaptive Hydroᵀᴹ

Adaptive Hydroᵀᴹ is simply a better system design for current resource and market conditions, both in terms of energy performance, resources necessary per MW, and economics. Adaptive HydroTM undercuts Natural Gas, the most competitive and dominant energy source (50+% market share), with cost of generation below $0.03/kWh

Adaptive Hydroᵉⁿᵛ

Adaptive Hydroᵉⁿᵛ, a variant of the Adaptive HydroTM, can be used to virtually remove dams for sedimentation removal, downstream nutrient replenishment, and safe passage for fish migration. 

Kinetic Hydroᵀᴹ

Kinetic Hydroᵀᴹ duct based fluid accelerator system, based on a decade of groundbreaking fluid dynamics research by GenH founders, which can be deployed in any river or stream to produce higher levels of power without the presence of a dam or risk of damage.

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