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The Next Generation of Hydropower

Hydropower Reinvented

GenH is a hydroelectric technology development company focused on advanced modular power generation. GenH technologies have the potential to change the economic paradigm of renewable energy and supply significant power for fossil fuel offset in the electricity, heating, and transport areas of primary urban power. GenH technologies have power density in the range of Natural Gas, low cost, and optimized equipment and resource utilization.

The Adaptive Hydro System

A rapidly deployable and fully modular system to electrify non-powered dams without construction

Inexpensive $/kWh

Production cost ($0.03) can sell at the avoided cost of Natural Gas

Stable Output

Only Renewable Energy with firm .9 capacity factor similar to Nuclear or Natural Gas

Close to Demand

Resource is highly collocated with urban areas thus avoiding extensive transmission

The Lineup

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Rick Theder

CEO Stanford MS Management Science & Engineering. Management, operations, industrial manufacturing, finance, logistics, project development. Last company took over as President, in four years doubled sales and sold company to $2 billion-dollar public company.

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Robert Freda


RISD. Strategy, Marketing & design, and production experience in multiple sectors. Multiple Awarded Patents. Published expert in Fluid Dynamics.

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Senior Project Engineer Market research & analysis. Project pre-development. Product development, prototyping and testing. Published expert in Thermodynamics.

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Jon Swanson

Business Development UConn Economics & Finance. Stakeholder engagement and environmental advocacy, recruiting, project development.

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